Right and Wrong: Statement of Concerned QCSHS Alumni

The need for the students, parents, teachers and alumni to once again rise up as one in stopping another wrong in the history of Quezon City Science High School is at hand.

With the return of controversial principal Dr. Zenaida Sadsad to our alma mater, we find the ideals espoused by our motto Scientia et Virtus, “Knowledge and Virtue”, in peril.

We the students ask: if we are knowledgeable, why do we allow something as stupid such as the return of a principal who have stomped down on our academic freedom and rights? If we are virtuous, why do we seem to have forgotten how to differentiate “right” from “wrong”?

Is it right to be Tyrannical?

Is it right to attempt the 10-day suspension of four students who have only been blogging their criticisms of Sadsad’s unpopular policies back in 2009? Every person is entitled to the freedom to express, and Sadsad’s actions are clear attempts to stop us from speaking out.

Sure, the Dep-Ed has already dismissed the suspensions of our fellow xientians. But the case filed in the Commission on Human Rights is currently getting nowhere, and her deeds remain unpunished.

We thus urge for her removal from position as the first step to achieving justice. We ask for the continuing of the legal cases filed against her as the next.

Is it right to be Corrupt?

Is it right to abuse the QCSHS principalship for self-interest? There have been numerous allegations of corruption involving Sadsad, including irregularities in the PTA and QCSHS cooperative funds, and even the solicitation of cash from non-passing applicants of QCSHS in exchange for their admission to our school.

We are all victims as Sadsad continues to benefit at our expense, and we thus urge an investigation into these matters to hold accountable Dr. Sadsad.

It is a Virtue to know what is right and what is wrong. We’re sure the students know the actions of Sadsad are wrong. It is Wisdom to realize that the righting of wrongs cannot be achieved if we allow ourselves to remain trembling before the tyrants.

When we met the blogger suspensions with protest actions, we were able to mount enough public pressure to force Sadsad to be given a graceful exit. Her comeback is a challenge for us to meet her with greater numbers and stronger opposition.

Xientian, Manindigan!

Tamang Pamumuno, Ipaglaban!

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