Reinstatement of antibloggers school principal hit


By Philip Tubeza
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 21:33:00 06/15/2010


The top official of the Department of Education (DepEd) in Metro Manila has sided with the parents of students from the Quezon City Science High School (QCSHS) who are opposing the return of a former school principal.

Zenaida Sadsad was removed as school principal last year after she suspended four students who had criticized her in their blogs.

DepEd National Capital Region Director Flordeliza Magday Tuesday said she had sent Quezon City school supervisor Rowena Cacanindin to the school to address parents’ concerns after Sadsad was reinstated a few weeks ago.

“I’ve already sent Cacanindin after the parents complained. We should listen to the desire of the parents,” Magday said.

Militant youth group Anakbayan joined students, parents, and alumni of QCSHS in protesting Sadsad’s return.

“Is ‘human rights violator’ now part of the job description for public school principals in our country? Because this is the message the Department of Education is sending with its reinstatement of Sadsad,” said Anton Dulce, Anakbayan national vice chair and QCSHS alumnus.

He accused Sadsad of abusing her powers when she ordered the suspension of the four bloggers last year.

“How can someone ignorant of something as basic as the Constitutional right to freedom of speech be qualified to head an educational institution?” Dulce said.

“Despite the atmosphere of fear she has installed, all sectors of our high school community will continue to defy her illegitimate rule,” he added.

Meanwhile, Dulce criticized DepEd officials for claiming that Sadsad would not be allowed to reclaim her old post during a dialogue with students, faculty, and alumni.

On May 17, concerned alumni, students, and faculty trooped to the DepEd’s Division Office in Quezon City for a dialogue regarding Sadsad’s reinstatement.

Dulce said Cacanindin then said there was “no truth” to the rumors about Sadsad’s return.


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    Hello Rebel Electron! I’d like to share with you my blogpost on one of our earlier protest actions:

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