Anti-blogging principal faces protests


PROTESTS will greet the return of the “anti-blogging” principal to the Quezon City Science High School (QCSHS) when classes open today as parents, faculty members and alumni remain against her reappointment.

Anakbayan national vice chair and QCSHS alumni Anton Dulce said the reappointment of Zenaida Panti-Sadsad is a bad example to the youth, especially to the school’s students. He said Sadsad is “very much” unfit for the position.

“This sends the message that it’s okay for leaders to be human rights violators. She steps on the students’ freedom of expression, and instead of being punished, is rewarded by being allowed to return to her old post. It’s like allowing Jovito Palparan to head the AFP, or the Ampatuans to rule Maguindanao again” said Dulce.

“If she was a student, she would flunk first year Social Studies. She is clearly ignorant of the Constitution, specifically the right to freedom of expression. There is no way she is qualified to even teach, much less be a principal,” he added.

Sadsad suspended four QCSHS students working on the school paper last year after they criticized her in their Internet blogs. She also removed the school paper’s faculty adviser Rex San Diego who had been critical of her and gave him other teaching loads.

Sadsad herself was removed from her position in December due to the public uproar but was reinstated several weeks ago. DepEd-National Capital Region under its then director, Teresita Domalanta, also overturned the suspension of the students.

Dulce criticized DepEd for reneging on its promise during a dialogue with students, faculty and alumni that Sadsad would not be allowed to reclaim her old post. Last May 17, concerned alumni, students, and faculty went to DepEd’s Division Office in Quezon City to say that they “deserve much better” than Sadsad.

“Mrs. Panti-Sadsad’s short tenure as principal has elicited too much controversy and has divided the school community. Her return is the last thing we need. We have yet to heal from the wounds caused by her administration, and yet, we are being subjected to torture brought about by the prospects of her return,” QCSHS alumni association president Mildred Legaspi declared.

Sadsad was supposed to move to the Ernesto Rondon High School and Sauyo High School but sources said she refused the transfer.

The Eulogio Rodriguez High School where she was also supposed to be assigned staged a protest even before she could step inside the school.

Ashzel Hachero


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