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A Backgrounder on the QCSHS Sadsad Issue

June 8, 2010

Welcome to the Rebel Electron.

We in the Quezon City Science High School have had a history of atrocious school policies that speak of the curtailment of academic freedom, and marred with allegations of administrative corruption. We have seen a marked rise during the reign of controversial principal, Dr. Zenaida Sadsad, which manifested in public view with her attempt to suspend the Quesci 4: student bloggers critical of her regime. Through public and legal pressure, Sadsad was given a way out via a graceful exit.

And now, Sadsad has returned once again to Kisay. Scientific reasoning tells us to prevent this second-time-around farce. Never again, say the students. A call that is chorused this time around by alumni, parents, and sympathizers.

The Rebel Electron is a project that primarily aims to chronicle the struggles of the Xientian community for academic freedom and democratic rights in Kisay. While it tactically seeks to aggregate news and information on the issues Kisay faces, it also aims in the strategic to proactively advocate a progressive outlook on education, politics, science and technology. This in the hope that it would transform the passive culture of Xientians into one instilled with a sense of social justice.

For our first post, we will share the open letter initiated by alumni Rafael Maramag that circulated back in 2009, at the height of the blogger repression issue. We will also share links to news on the issue to refresh everyone’s memories. We will post various materials on the issue in the future, as well as updates on the burgeoning movement to remove Sadsad and defend academic freedom in Kisay.

Open letter to fellow high school students of Quesci and alumni:

I am utterly enraged over the news that four students of my beloved Alma Mater, Quezon City Science High School, would be suspended because they blogged against the school administration and the current principal, Dr. Zenaida Panti Sadsad.

I went to check for myself the contents of the blog and there were edited images of Dr. Sadsad depicted as a dictator, stories of questionable policies, and seemingly endless threads of comments all critical to the principal, some members of the teaching staff, and the school administration as a whole.

I am aghast by the punitive and vindictive measures taken by Dr. Sadsad and her cohorts to suspend the four students. I am also incensed that the school’s publications The Electron and The Banyuhay have also been padlocked.

Going by how Dr. Sadsad confronted the issues raised by the students’ blog, it is obvious that her administration has not been giving the QCSHS students any meaningful venue where they can air their disgust and legitimate demands. The horrendous, illegal message is: “You complain, you get suspended.”

This is an outrage. This is a terrible violation of students’ constitutional right to freedom of speech and expression. This is a bad manner of mitigating disputes.  This is not discipline but repression. From the looks of it, the students were meted with a rather heavy penalty but without due process.

It is in this light that I urge my fellow QCSHS alumni, parents and students of current students to press that the 10-day suspended be rescinded.

Moreover, let us urge the Quezon City government and the Department of Education to instead investigate the misadministration of Dr. Sadsad.  For naked abuse of power alone, it is Dr. Sadsad who should be suspended or thrown out of the school.


Rafael Joseph Maramag
Batch 2000
Quezon City Science High School

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